Newton dos Anjos

Gerente Executivo Jurídico, Trabalhista

Senior Professional with extensive experience in people management , budget and business procedures for the application of the continuos improvement concept at business excellence cells,administration and KPIs control in large companies.

Deep knowledge in labor, social security and environmental legislation, as well as the ability to manage judicial and administrative processes, encompassing the civil, labor, social security and environmental lawsuits

Elaboration of strategies for conducting internal legal procedures for preparatory procedures, Public Civil Inquiries with the State, Federal and Labor Prosecutor.

Professional specialist in collective bargaining and union negotiations with great ability to conduct discussions with union entities, Regional Superintendencies of Labor, as well as Regional Labor Courts and Superior Labor Court.

Compliance experience with great skill and knowledge to conduct and support internal anti fraud investigations through helpline systems, directing the measures to be applied and establishing preventive measures.

President of the Embraer Ethics Committee for 4 years

International experience especially focused on the leadership of labor and environmental issues, as well as negotiations with public agencies in Central America and Portugal.

Shortlisted for Latin America Counsel Awards (Employment Award) 2016, event to recognize the excellent work done by corporate in-house legal teams whose winners will have performed above and beyond the usual requirements of their profession and position.

Co-author of the book: The first year of Law 13,467 / 2017 – Labor Reform and author of the articles for specialized journals in the labor area. Professor the graduate and undergraduate.

Speaker at national and international congresses focused on the labor legal area, immigration, individual and collective negotiations.